Solutions Training Projects

Finding the best individual staff members is a great start. Our Training and Solutions programs can help to optimize productivity of your household staff and increase your satisfaction by:

  • Improving overall functionality and efficiency
  • Perfecting skills to fit the requirements of your lifestyle and home

Angela Mortimer services and training includes:

  • Managing Homes
  • Organizing Homes
  • Organizing Offices
  • Closet Design & Stylist.
  • Interior Design /Staging/Colorist
  • Party/Event Planning
  • Personal Shopping
  • Personal Assistant
  • Time Management
  • Governess
  • Nanny
  • Baby Nurse
  • Temporary Coverage

Each training program is tailored to fit our client’s needs. We focus our knowledge and expertise to ensure the training and solutions offer immediate results and long-term value.

Catherine Rigby

catherine-rigbyCatherine heads up Angela Mortimer’s training program. She brings years of trusted experiences optimizing staff services for affluent families, royalty and busy professionals. Catherine now resides in Greenwich, CT and works with Angela Mortimer client’s to realize the value of their staffing investment.

Catherine assists clients by helping them to see the “big picture”. Together, they put together a staffing plan, budget, schedule, training and management plan. She can immediately assist with:

  • Improving staff performance
  • Service coverage schedules
  • Concierge and special projects
  • Security and confidentiality
  • Enhancing daily life- food, service, family, travel, etc.
  • Packing for travel, closet organization, clutter reduction