Angela Mortimer plc Gender Pay Gap Report 2020

Gender Pay Reporting: Every day is International Women’s Day in the Angela Mortimer Group

Quality, responsibility, team working, empowerment, leadership and growth. These are the cornerstone values inside the Angela Mortimer Group. They are values that transcend gender and our environment is a place open to everyone, where your own individuality is welcomed.

The Angela Mortimer Group are delighted to report, once again, that there is no gender pay gap inside our Company.

Average and median pay rates

We are a reporting a mean average gender pay gap of 1.8% and a median average gender pay gap of -1.65%. Ultimately showing that, whichever average is used, our remuneration packages are statistically free from gender bias.

Economic participation is highly important but it just one measure of equality. With a range of just 6% maximum difference between our gender populations at the different quartiles we’re delighted our numbers also prove that both genders have equal access to resources and opportunity too. Promotions and earnings are based on merit, and merit alone. Over 80% of our top paid employees are female.

Angela  Mortimer  will  continue  to support the   development of  a predominantly female populated career and historically undervalued job, the “support assistant”. It now holds true strategic importance to the efficient, high performing clients that we work with. We’re delighted that this career role has come so far, but will continue to push for the recognition it deserves.

We’re also proud of the amazing contribution every person inside the Angela Mortimer Group continues to give to all those they support on the next step of this career journey.

Gender Pay Gap Report – April 2020