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Private and Domestic Staff Employment and Payroll Options Compliance and Administration

If you employ someone for household or personal services, including Nannies, Personal Assistants, Companions, Estate/Household Managers, Chefs, Housekeepers, etc., you are responsible for proper employment compliance and payroll tax obligations.

Angela Mortimer Ltd. Offers employment solutions to handle:

  • Administration and record keeping
  • Direct employment of staff – including paychecks
  • Tax withholdings, tracking and payments of Medicare, social security, state and local taxes
  • File all tax returns and state compliance
  • W-2 forms at year end
  • Monitor changing tax and labor laws
  • Health care benefits, options and advice
  • Domestic Employer Standard Guidelines

Considerations in conducting household or personal employment:

Counting household workers as business employees:
Families who own a business sometimes consider including their household employees within the company’s payroll and tax reporting process. The IRS is particularly sensitive to mingling the household payroll with a separate business entity.

Federal and State laws entitle workers to time-and-a-half for all hours worked over 40 in a 7-day workweek. Live-in employees are exempt from this rule.

Workmen’s compensation and Unemployment:
Work-related illness or injuries should be handled through your homeowner’s insurance.
Domestic workers are specifically excluded from the worker’s compensation system.

Human Resources
Prior to a hiring decision, an Employment Agreement and a Manual should be created and signed by both parties detailing practices, responsibilities and specifics including:
• Compensation
• Benefits
• Hours, vacation, time off, and sick pay
• Reimbursements
• Regular performance reviews
• Agreement on changes in responsibilities
• Severance

Confidentiality Agreement
Angela Mortimer Ltd. has a recent and comprehensive Confidentiality Agreement, which has been prepared by a leading Employment Law attorney. We can share a copy for your review or usage.

Angela Mortimer Ltd. Employment Solutions

We share our best advice from our experiences observing successful working arrangements between families, family offices and employees.
We can refer you to experts in payroll, administration, benefits and legal.

Angela Mortimer Employment Solutions include:

  • Payroll – direct deposit or paycheck
  • Benefits- ACA, direct or brokers
  • Administration and outsourcing
  • Reporting
  • Human Resources

Our goal is make your life easier and less risky by handling or providing the latest information on the employment and compliance process.

Additional Considerations include:

  • Temporary or project employment
  • International
  • Multi-state
  • Background checks – including credit, criminal, motor vehicle and education
  • Consulting with job design, job descriptions, compensation, etc.
  • Continuous advice and expertise- at no charge
  • Privacy, asset and liability protections
  • Due diligence
  • Cyber security

For further information or to research our payroll and employment solutions and options, please contact Angela Mortimer Ltd. at 866-282-7729.

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