Why should graduates use a recruitment agency to find a job?

Recruitment consultants are often associated with headhunting and top exec roles, but that?s not always the case. Yes, we do recruit for high-level roles and find jobs for candidates with years of experience, but we also deal with lots of positions ideal for graduates ? both straight out of uni and within the first few years of their careers.

In fact, engaging a recruitment consultant in your graduate job search comes with a whole host of benefits, and can give you the edge in taking the next step in your career.

Access to the hidden jobs market

At Pathfinders, we work directly with hundreds of different companies to help them find staff for new and vacant roles. Often these roles aren?t advertised in the ?usual? places jobseekers are looking, like the big job sites, and so they can easily be missed if you?re not either looking directly on the employer?s website or aren?t registered with us.

We also might have an idea of new vacancies that will likely be coming up soon, particularly when it comes to graduate schemes and entry-level positions, so we are often able to fill them very quickly for our clients and they may never need to be widely advertised.

Therefore being registered with a recruitment consultant will give you access to far more graduate-appropriate vacancies than searching on your own will.

Inside industry knowledge to help you find the perfect job fit

Matching you with a great job that you?ll love is about more than just qualifications and experience, it?s also about whether your values match the company?s and whether your personality will mesh with existing team dynamics. Our consultants have hundreds of years of combined experience recruiting the right people for the job across dozens of industries, and have in-depth knowledge of the working environments of all of our clients. This means they?ll only put you forward for jobs they know you?ll enjoy, with colleagues you?ll fit in with.

There?s very little more demoralising than making it through a long or tough application and interview process for a job you thought would be fantastic, only to find once you?re in the role that the company culture just doesn?t fit with your personality at all, and you don?t enjoy working there after all that.

Don?t take a chance on whether or not you?ll like your new work environment. At Pathfinders, we take the time to get to know you, not just what?s on your CV, to make sure you?ll love your next role.

Advice and guidance for starting out on the career ladder

When you?re looking for graduate roles, you might not have lots of experience of job interviews, or even how to format your CV. Don?t worry, that?s where we can help. What a recruitment consultant doesn?t know about the process of getting a job, isn?t worth knowing.

Whether you need advice about assessment centres, interview practice ?roleplays? or a pep-talk to calm your nerves straight before your interview, we?re here to give you the guidance you need to secure that fantastic new job. Plus, we can give you specific advice about each company you?re interviewing for ? something you definitely can?t get from a Google search!

A helping hand through your whole career

Here at Pathfinders, we don?t just find you a job and send you on your way. A lot of our candidates are ones we?ve formed career-long relationships with, who keep coming back to us when it?s time to move on and take the next step. Registering with Pathfinders means you?ll receive our expert guidance and tailored job recommendations for as long as you?re working, if that?s what you want. We?ve been in business for over 40 years, so you know we?ve got staying power!

So hopefully we?ve convinced you why having a recruitment consultant on your side can give you a real head start when you?re looking for a graduate job. Why not get in touch and have a chat with one of our consultants and tell us what you?re looking for, or submit your cv online. Maybe we could be helping you take your first step in your dream career very soon.